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Start saving the lives of bulldogs in Chattanooga, and stop letting these poor creatures be hurt. Learn more about our rescue mission today.

Save a Life

Bulldogs are known for being stately, yet loveable creatures. They are often said to be a big dog in a small body, which is ideal for those who want a big dog personality without a big dog’s size. Bulldogs are generally easygoing and easy to maintain as far as grooming. With their steady temperament, quiet dignity, and that adorable face, who wouldn’t want one?

Protect Bulldogs from Irresponsible Owners

bull dogUnfortunately because Bulldogs are such a loveable and popular breed, they are a common choice for backyard breeders and often fall into the hands of irresponsible owners. These unfortunate pooches will sometimes lose their happy homes through no fault of their own. Many backyard breeders aren’t aware of the responsibilities of owning a bulldog. If they are aware, they typically don’t educate their buyers on these responsibilities or take the time to ensure their bulldogs are placed in good homes–they will simply sell a puppy to anyone who has the money.

This results in many unprepared pet owners who don’t know what they are getting into when they take their bulldog home. Many bulldogs won’t get the proper care they deserve, and many others will be abandoned by owners who are in over their heads. Proper education on bulldogs and proper home placement could greatly reduce the number of dogs mistreated or left without a home.

As with any dog breed, the bulldog has its pros and cons and prospective families should study up on the breed before deciding to make a bulldog part of the family. Rescuing a dog instead of buying from a breeder is not only a more affordable option for many, but it is an incredibly rewarding experience. These dogs just want to have a home again where they can feel safe and loved. It is very gratifying to rescue a dog and give it the life it deserves. You will be repaid a hundred fold with the loyalty and love your dog will give you in return for saving its life.

Rescuing Those In Need

Chattanooga Bulldog Rescue is committed to finding loving homes for these precious pets and giving them a safe haven until they find their forever home. Whether you’re looking for an English Bulldog, American Bulldog, or something in-between, our rescue will pair you up with the perfect pooch. Instead of going to a pet store, save the life of a little poochie who already needs a home versus those who were only brought into this world for sale. Rescue a Chattanooga Bulldog today and give them the love they deserve!